The COVID-19 pandemic which began in December 2019 has severely hurt the world's economy. South Africa, having some of the strictest lockdown laws in the world, has placed the farms around Rocklands under major financial pressure. The repercussions of this will be that climbers from all around the globe will be unable to access the majority of boulders that lie on private land. 


Thanks to the influx of international climbers during the winter season in Rocklands, predictable income has been stopped due to the rapid spread of COVID-19. Climbers traveling to Rocklands is a major economic boost for the area and many international climbers have been forced to cancel their trips for the 2020 winter season. This has put the farms in a very difficult financial position. 

Through donating, you will be able to contribute to the survival of Rocklands as well as the livelihood of the many farmworkers and their families that these farms employ.

Save Rocklands is striving for the survival of these farms and continued access to the bouldering areas.


We are humbly asking you for your generosity to ensure that the climbing paradise so many people around the world call home, will be accessible so that future climbers can experience this beloved place. 

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