What does the farmers losing their land have to do with bouldering access?

The majority of Rocklands boulders lie on private land. Due to the fact that the farmers may have to sell sections or all of their land to allow them to pay off other costs. The new owners can then simply deny climbers access to their land and treat it as trespassing. This has previously happened in Rocklands and we are trying to prevent this from happening again!

How is the money being distributed to the farmers?

Please check out our FINANCIALS PAGE for detailed info. We have developed a phased approach as to the withdrawal of the funds by the farmers. This essentially means that the first R60 000 is a grant given to the 5 farms, depending if they require the funds. If the farms require more funding, they would loan the funds and repay the loan to the Rocklands Association for Development (RAD).  Your donation will therefore be ploughed back into the further development of the Rocklands bouldering area.  

Why can't the farmers rely on farming for income?

Over the past 7 years, the Rocklands area has suffered a severe drought that has hindered traditional farming methods. Thanks to climbers, tourism makes up 85% of the area's income. This, lack of government funding, along with the fact that many climbers’ have been forced to cancel their trips, due to COVID-19,  for the 2020 season,  has caused the farmers to find other forms of income and that's where we step in! 

Should you book for your Rocklands 2021 season?

Currently, the South African Minister of Tourism has not cautioned visitors for the winter 2021 season. From our point of view,  get your booking in now, as Rocklands has received extensive media coverage through this campaign, and accommodation will be booked out if you leave it too late.

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