Transparency to our donors is of paramount importance to us. We have this page for you to see how the donors” money is spent in order to help save the farmers and farmworkers in Rocklands. The Save Rocklands Team has carefully considered options of how the donations will distributed among the farmers and the farm workers. 

Essentially there are 2 phases of how the donations will be allocated.


Phase 1

Incorporates a grant up to R60 000 per farm which is not repayable.


Phase 2

(which for the majority of the famers, will follow phase 1).

Any additional funds withdrawn from the Save Rocklands account (depending on available funds) will be repaid into the Rocklands Association for Development (RAD). This action is only expected once the affected farms are in a financially stable position to do so.  The repaid loans will be used to further develop Rocklands bouldering.


However the farmers may choose which phases suit them according to their finical needs. Alpha Excelsior has graciously opted to move directly to phase 2 and this will greatly help the development of Rocklands bouldering and the communities that have surrounded the bouldering area. 

 For those who would like to view the Financial Agreement details please click here.

The main expenses on the farms are the wages for the workers which contribute about 60% to the farms expenses. Heavy amounts of electricity are used for pumping water and daily living. The workers live on the farms and don't have to pay any additional expenses.

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(Traveler's Rest has decided to remove themselves from our initiative due to the fact that the owner did not feel comfortable receiving crowd funding donations)

If you have another financial question, please feel free to contact us below.

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