For those less informed, Rocklands is an area located on a section of the Pakhuys Pass, three hours North of Cape Town in the Cederberg mountains. It is an incredibly beautiful area in a semi-desert setting with some of the best sandstone bouldering in the world. It is an ideal area for Northern hemisphere climbers, as the most ideal climbing season is from June to August, providing cold, dry conditions for optimal sending. 


Rocklands has a plethora of different accomodation options to fit everyones needs. From fully equipped self-catering homes, to smaller cabins, camping and luxury tents, Rocklands has it all! 

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Food and Rest day activities: 

For climbers, food and resting go hand in hand! and lucky enough there are plenty of delicious options available. Such as the legendary Rhino Breakfast at The Hen House, pizza nights at Alpha Excelsior and De Pakhuys,  your needs will be taken care of with 5 star service. 

There are many rest day activities that will keep you entertained. Such as watching your favourite football team play, challenging others to a game of billiards or just enjoying times at the communal fire in the De Pakhuys campground.

For selfcatering options, there is a Super Spar in (the local town) Clanwilliam, about a 20 minute drive away as well as a legendary butcher, Ramskop.

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