Not even Dreamland can fully capture the beauty of this magical place, if the world class boulders in this video had to be unaccessible, thousands of climbers around the world would be unable to truly grasp the aura of Rocklands. 

This beautiful video showcases some of the ultra-classic moderate boulders that will become inaccessible if the land is lost.

Josh and Charlotte from Cold House Media travel the world in search of new boulders and new experiences. This video showcases boulders for all levels of climbers, proving that no matter how hard you climb, Rocklands always has a place for you. 

Paul Robinson is well known in Rocklands bouldering scene, putting up many of the boulders that are now at risk of closure. This quick video shows Paul and David on some of the newer gems around Rocklands

Rocklands has become David's home for so many years now, allowing him to devote time for some of the harder boulders in Rocklands. Here is the video of him repeating a Jimmy Webb classic.

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